A citizen reporting management system is a vital mechanism for civic participation and improving the quality of life within urban communities. An effective system should allow various types of problems to be reported, such as:

  • ruined roads,
  • public lights not working,
  • Abandoned garbage,
  • Any other matter requiring intervention by the competent authorities.

When these types of reports are activated by the PA and citizens participate by entering indirectly into the decision-making process, it can be called Civic Tech.


Reporting management platforms can vary in efficiency and complexity ranging from specific phone lines, mobile applications to dedicated websites. Their ease of use is instrumental in ensuring widespread participation, enabling citizens to report problems quickly and intuitively.

Transparency is another crucial element of these systems to stimulate participation, as it allows citizens to monitor the status of their reports. Adequate communication by the relevant authorities on the status of the resolution helps maintain public confidence in the system. For the platform to be truly efficient, it should cover both directions of communication, giving government workers an efficient workflow management tool.

Public Administration

The public administration must have a platform for managing reports that can be integrated with its IT systems, capable of simplifying collection, querying the databases it has and automating the management of staff workflows.

Every report of a problem by citizens must be turned into a “task” to be handled and solved. This process must be fully automated, eliminating the need for additional resources to handle reports, optimizing response time to problems, facilitating action planning, and most importantly providing immediate feedback to the citizen. In this way, the administration can work more efficiently and citizens can be sure that their concerns are taken into account.

Screenshot with actual data from Civic Tech - Issue Manager

A system for handling citizen reports works best when authorities respond quickly to reports. This means that they must be able to go beyond collecting reports by addressing and resolving problems as quickly as possible.

In addition, the data collected provides an opportunity for economies of scale; in fact, by analyzing aggregate data, authorities can better understand what community needs are and what trends are developing. This information can help plan how to use resources, identify areas where problems often occur, and improve public services.

In conclusion, a citizen reporting management system plays a key role in actively involving the citizenry in the development of their community, ensuring an effective channel for addressing local issues and improving the quality of life for all.

Wiseland makes use of a very advanced Civic Tech platform to activate civic participation of citizens, it is the system of the reporting management system Issue Manager.

Wiseland is the first Italian business network for the Digital Twin and is founded by Geolander.it and WiseTown.